Wheelchair control systems

Most of the users can work with the regular wheelchair control system that allow them to operate the basic functions of the wheelchair. If the user cannot handle the standard operation of the wheelchair, Focal offers a customized solution, which possibly also can control the environment, computer, robot and communication aids. Being able to integrate various systems so that one logical and efficient system is created is our challenge. Focal always endeavors to provide the most effective and cost efficient solution.

Advising, selecting and supplying such devices, including assembly, which are in need of quality specialists. Focal has not only the necessary products/ supplies but also the necessary expertise and the needed considerable experience. The fact that Focal also has its own development and production, leading to a new and unique total offer special wheelchair controls!

Wheelchair integration
One of the systems offered by Focal is the Easy Rider system. The system allows the integration of alternative operations in the wheelchair control system. The integration of the system in the wheelchair control is a specialized activity of which Focal has all the conditions needed. However, even with other systems, such as Otto Bock or R-net, that are leading to a comprehensive solution on the wheelchair, we can handle.
Special operations
Focal delivers an extremely wide range of special controls. It involves joysticks, tablet controls, foot controls, and special switches. The assortment is constantly changing, so that even the most demanding user can achieve greater independence with these controls.



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