Product categories

Personal Robotics

People without a usable hand function can still perform all kinds of essential tasks with a robot manipulator. Users of personal robots do place high demands on installation, operation and reliability – Focal can meet them all.
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Social robotics

Social robots stimulate awareness, communication and interaction, and that elicits joy, for persons with dementia and people with a mental disability, for example. Focal offers reliable products that have proven to live up to their promises.
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Dynamic arm supports

Dynamic arm supports assist people with diminished muscle strength in carrying out various tasks. Focal is the leading developer and manufacturer of arm supports and offers a very large range of products.
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Meal supports

Eating devices assist people with a limited or missing hand function when eating or drinking. To eat on your own, whatever, whenever – Focal provides numerous solutions.
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Modular headrests

Due to their adjustable three-piece system, the modular head supports offer a solution to complex support needs. Focal offers a wide range of products and has many years of experience in applying these products.
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Headrest adjustment mechanisms

People who require a complex head support frequently have need of being able to set or adjust its position themselves. Focal developed various head support carriers that make this possible.
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Wheelchair control systems

Standard wheelchair controls often fall short when the wheelchair becomes a carrier of various other technologies as well. Maximum operating simplicity by integrating functions of special control elements is what is needed. Focal is very experienced in this field.
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Ventilator integration

For people who are in demand of respiratory support on their wheelchair, safe and expertly assembled equipment is of great relevance. Focal provides cases, integrates the controls, tests and steadily works toward better solutions.
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Environmental control systems

Being able to independently open doors, close curtains, operate audio and video appliances – despite limited mobility – such activities are made possible by environmental controls. Focal has all the solutions, and is the expert in cases where manual control is challenging.
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Augmentative and alternative communication

Communication aids are intended for people challenged by speech and/or language disorders. Focal selected aids with lots of content, built with extensive knowledge of language production and interaction processes.
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