Environmental control systems

In recent years, Focal has developed a specialization in the field of wheelchair electronics and environmental control systems. Everything that Focal does within this domain is dependent on the user. The method is consistent with the company motto: listening, creating, and improving:

  • Focal always does a noncommittal fit, where we listen to the user, identifying what the wishes and needs are.
  • Next, we create tools custom when this is needed. Every person is different, so every adaptation is different.
  • Finally Focal tries to evaluate well with the user to perfecting the product and also to continuously improve the market so even better products can arise from this.



Focal occurs within the domain Wheelchair Control and Environmental Control a unique offer: Focal tries to integrate solutions into existing wheelchair control. This avoids the presence of many unnecessary devices on the worktop and duplication of benefits. Focal always centers the user, realizing that the wheelchair is the users’ world. Through special modifications we seek to improve the world and to promote independence. Focal always looks to the capabilities of the user, and existing controls are adjusted so that they are function optimally. Think of changes through various joysticks, switches, foot controls, special control panels and other specials.

In the opproach of Focal, the wheelchair electronics are being looked at first. This is always present and is now easy to expand with various modules that promote independence. Examples are environmental control, Bluetooth modules serving control PC or Smartphone, output modules behalf integration electric adjustments etc.



If integration into the wheelchair control is not sufficient or not possible, Focal has knowledge of several dedicated devices. The Gewa Prog and KEO are meant. They can alternatively be operated by switches and can be taught up to 250 IR codes. These solutions may provide a solution to the bed, because they are easy to take apart from the wheelchair.

Focal is future-oriented. Therefore, in recent years a lot of time has spent in the development of tablet and smartphone technology. We looked at the operation and accessibility of the equipment and the communication towards the environment. Meanwhile Focal find various solutions, for both Android and Apple devices.


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