Via this page, you can download the brochures and manuals of our products. In addition, there are other documents available of different parties, on relevant subjects like reimbursement. Manuals of the robot manipulator ‘Jaco’ and of the dynamic arm support ‘Darwing’ be taken individually, in the implementation that matches the provided version of the aids, are provided to the users. Users can also retrieve all manuals in print form.

Main focus

Dynamic arm support

Meal support

Social robotics

Ventilator integration

Environmental control systems

Wheelchair control systems

Personal robotics

Augmentative and alternative communication

Therapy Aids

Modular headrests

About our products

YouRehab, the Swiss supplier of the YouGrabber therapy concept for arm and hand rehabilitation
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Kinova Rehab, supplier and partner for the supply of personal robotics Go to >

CENRob Expert Center on Assistive Robotics, France Go to >

Research & Development
Page of the development project McArm, Motion Controlled Arm Support
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