Ventilator Integration

Persons, who are eligible for respiratory support on the wheelchair, literally have a great importance to the safe and expert build-up of the equipment. Focal Meditech is authorized by the Center for Home respiration (CTB) from the University Medical Center Utrecht for the complete construction of the equipment. The build-up of respiratory equipment consists of:

  • The connection to the wheelchair electronics of the respirator unit and the control by means of a separate, secure circuit;
  • Connecting an alarm unit which immediately triggers an alarm in case of insufficient or non-functioning;
  • The connection of hoses which carry air to the user's mouth in such a way that the risk of clamping and loosening of the hoses is minimal.

The entire building is done in a certified manner, via a protocol in which a risk assessment is an important part. For building the necessary parts, Focal can also deliver to third parties.

When the provision comes from Focal a big advantage arises which entails that, from experience with customizing complex wheelchairs, even with the presence of other equipment is kept well charged on the wheelchair. The workshop, with a high making capacity, ultimately guarantees high-quality and good-looking realization.

Ventilator Integration

Focal provides a self-developed, robust housing and places it on the wheelchair. The breathing unit is by means of its own, separate circuit connected to the wheelchair, and with an electronic alarm system. Wiring is professionally installed and concealed. The air supply hose is placed on the individual user, actionable rod holder. This rod is made to swing away or to be re-adjusted of which the hardware is developed in-house. In this manner, good positioning of the nozzle is always possible. The entire operation is applied to individual requirements. The whole process is certified and documented.

Currently, there are no user experiences described for respiratory support.


For Ventilation, no downloadable documentation is available.


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