Dynamic Arm Support Top/Help Electrical

The 'Top' is an arm support, which is composed of a lower arm splint, a hand support and a variety of extension arms. The various components have very high-quality bearings, and therefore very low resistance. Rotation Blocks make numerous settings possible.

The 'Help' is a unique component that also allows vertical adjustment - for example, for eating and drinking independently. Vertical adjustment is achieved by means of an elastic cord, which stores the energy of the user during the downward movement, to release again with the upward movements. The electric motor assists this electrical version of the 'Top/Help' in the execution of the most complex movement: against gravity. The electric motor is operated with the aid of a switch. The 'Top' is supplied in combination with the 'Help' component and therefore is the arm support known as 'Top/Help'.

Much attention has been paid to appearance and finishing of all materials. Because multiple components are below, these remain more out of sight. The 'Top/Help' is mountable in several places: both on wheelchairs and on chairs and tables. Dual side application is possible. Individual adaptations are also possible.

The dynamic arm support 'Top/Help' is an extremely durable arm support that proves its functionality over many years. The product has gradually developed further. All versions are is also available with lockable arm extension. Blocking makes it possible to stabilize the forearm, for example, when performing an operation that requires accuracy, or for the benefit to assist in electric wheelchair operation.

Top/Help Electrical usage

The 'Top/Help' is a technical aid in the dynamic arm supports assortment of Focal. It is the expanded version of the known 'Top/Help', an arm support that approaches the arm of the user from below. The 'Top/Help' has significantly developed and is therefore very reliable and durable. There are also a number of components available, which allow customizing the device optimally. The operation is based on a spring mechanism, which stores energy upon the downward movement of the lower arm. This energy is returned to the upward movement. As a result, it works better in the arm to move against the force of gravity. 'Top/Help' has an additional electric motor that assists persons with too limited muscle force to use its mechanical version. The lifting mechanism is controlled by a specifically developed switch. A major advantage of this type of arm supports is the lack of visibility. With this type of arm supports must be learned, in contrast to the types that approach the arm from above (the suspension- types), what the course of the supported movement is.

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