Eating aid Nelson makes it possible to independently scoop from a plate and bring it to the mouth, despite severe incoordination or tremors. The user operates a handle to which a fork or spoon is attached. The tremor-damping unit at the bottom of the handle causes through a unique construction that the shocking, uncoordinated movements of the user are flattened. The result is a smoother and better-quality motion. Food can now independently be scooped up and taken to the mouth. Much attention is paid to aesthetics. The dimensions are furthermore kept as small as possible. Both left and right-handed people can use Nelson. The plate and cutlery are dishwasher safe.

Tremors and uncoordinated movements are very individual in nature. For different people they occur in varying degrees and severity. The Nelson is the sole reducing tremor-eating aid that is adaptable to these individual demands. Due to the unique principle of operation of the damping unit it is possible to adjust the degree of resistance and in the damping characteristic. The setting is easy to change.

The aid is particularly important for persons who are severely restricted in self- feeding due to insufficient coordinated movements, or severe tremors. Such conditions, for example, occur in cerebral palsy (spasticity), or are a result of diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson's disease. Practice shows that even partners or other family members benefit greatly from feeding aids such as Nelson. The disabled person can often eat independently, tablemates can again eat undisturbed and together they will again be equal partners around the dinner table.

Nelson operation

The Nelson is easy to use. Eating is done by placing the hand on the handle, and by scooping food from the plate. The plate is provided with a raised edge against which the food can be spooned. The plate is clamped but is also rotatable. The rotation is made easy using the special, protruding edge underneath the plate. In this way, all the food on the plate can be brought under the spoon. The Nelson is attached, by means of high quality clamps, to a table. The reduced dimensions make the Nelson easy portable.

Nelson can be equipped with different spoons. Individual customization is also always possible. For drinking are accessories such as a cup holder available.

The advantages:

  • Enables independent eating, on their own and at their own pace
  • Unique, effective damping mechanism
  • Continuous individually adjustable
  • Suitable for left and right handed use
  • Good portability with compact size (arm length 50.5 cm - 62 cm base length)
  • Beautiful contemporary design
  • Dishwasher-safe, swivel plate with raised edge
  • Quality confirmation
  • Various accessories available
  • Solid construction 'made in Holland'
  • Maintenance free
  • Individual customization is always possible

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