Gowing: natural and functional movement

Usually, the Gowing user does not have enough support with one of the previously mentioned arm supports. Nevertheless, it is desirable to continue to use the own arms as long as possible. This is not only cost effective, but also good for self-esteem and health. Recourse will be done as long and as much as possible on their own musculoskeletal system. Gowing offers in many cases a contemporary solution. Gowing delivers plenty of added strength needed to reach, but also allows the user to make choices. Do I work assisted or does my arm need to be lifted? Do I state mobility or do I balance my arm at a set level? Gowing is smart with the principle of 'Assist as needed': giving customized assistance.

Use is quickly learned
Gowing supports in performing numerous daily activities such as eating, drinking, brushing teeth, typing or to scratch the nose. Lifting objects independently and committing personal care is possible again with Gowing. Using Gowing, including all its options, is kept simple deliberately. The arm is placed in the lower arm splint, wherein it is not necessary to fix the arm. Due to its unique construction, Gowing follows the user's arm quite naturally in the horizontal plane. Moreover there is chosen for the key vertical routes, such as to the mouth or head, to make smooth functionally feasible. Besides, there are several options for Gowing to quickly adapt to the changing conditions and tasks.

New solutions
Gowing has many new solutions that are unique to this arm support. The arm support is using a balancing mechanism which engages in a way that the user experiences as naturally and smoothly. The drive of the upward movement is hybrid. This means that the arm can move both assisted and passive (all the power supplied by means of external energy). There is a new system whereby the user can balance his arm at an adjustable level, for instance to and from the mouth.

The front to back motion is such that a very large range is possible without the user having to experience, by extending further, more resistance. The position of Gowing is adjustable in front to back motion so that the support also functions properly if the user changes his seat adjustment. Gowing allows blocking the axes. The brakes of Gowing have an entirely new design, which serve both safety and speed! A new function is the Stop function, which can make the entire system passive at once and the arm drops down. - A useful feature if the user's active command of the downward movement could be lost.

Gowing is both partially as completely removable. For example, for the transfer from the wheelchair- is the part along the forearm with one smooth movement removable. You will not want to leave quickly without Gowing. But if necessary, the entire arm support is easily removable. Only a small base part remains. The arm support is very easy to mount on a wheelchair without major modifications being required. The arm support hardly makes the arm support any wider - not even when being used.

Natural freedom alongside rapid functionality

The operation of Gowing is based on compensating the weight of the arm. This is called 'balancing the arm’. The large horizontal movements barely cost any force. The construction is furthermore so that the key foot-and-head area can be achieved amply and easily. Thus, eating and drinking costs less effort, and for example facial- or hair care goes easier than ever before. But functionality is often served with restraint and simplicity. Thus, it is possible to stop or limit the movement by blocking axes. This can for instance be easy when driving the wheelchair outdoors or when being transported in a van. The arm can also balance from a set level. The arm is thus stabilized and does not move below the set level. However, the lower arm can still balance. The arm gets more stability and that is for instance very easy by typing or eating.

Supported activities are often performed from a less favorable position in the wheelchair. When the back of a wheelchair is adjusted backwards, for example for secure positioning in a wheelchair, an arm support functions less well. Gowing has a slope corrector which works in forward / backward direction. The user can use the slope corrector to choose the best position for a successful operation. The slope corrector is in the base unit on which Gowing has been placed.

Eating is for people with muscles challenges one of the hardest activities. That is because the hand should make a large movement from the plate to the mouth. Gowing allows adjustment of the amount of weight compensation. This makes that you can apply ‘customized’ compensation. The movement to the head and mouth area is hereby made easily and smoothly. Does your own power let you down, then the power supply to the mouth can also be provided entirely by Gowing - one advantage of the hybrid drive. Additionally, you can stabilize your arm at a certain level where balancing the lower arm is favorable for the execution of the eating movements. The swing motion makes that you easily, without further disturbance, move from and towards the mouth area.

Gowing is the partner during eating, which assist lifting of the arm in a smart way or even takes over and which you never have to say "thank you". You decide!

For certain actions is additional stability required. When a call is that, for example, the case, because the arm has to be kept for a long time in the same position. The user can lock Gowing with the help of a position lock. This makes calling a relaxing activity.

Gowing knows a solution for typing, that can also be found in Darwing. Little muscle strength makes it difficult to move the arm during typing. Uncontrolled movements can cause malpractice in the hand. In addition, the use of a mouse is a strenuous activity. With Gowing, the user can let his arm float above the keyboard because nuisance vertical movements are blocked. The user gets back the control of the mouse and reduces the number of mistakes.

Reaching high and far
Gowing allows you to make very large movements in forward and rearward direction. Gowing also allows significant lateral movements. Hereby feels the movement very natural and smooth. The range of motion on and around the head is without a doubt great and the support brings the arm there easily. It can also be sharply edged down. Gowing can deliver high power in the upward direction. If desired, the system lifts the arm - the advantage of the hybrid system. As a result, Gowing is also at the service of people who have very little muscle force or a heavy mass of their body parts substantial figure.

Personal care
Everyone likes to be able to commit personal care independently, such as shaving, brushing teeth or applying make-up. This can be tricky with an arm support, because one takes different objects in the hand. These objects have different weights, which can require different weight compensation. The Gowing weight compensation can be set up easily and quickly. You will be able to perform various tasks in quick succession and without unnecessary exhaustion. The large range of movement of Gowing also means that it is easy to move in the direction of the face. If you want, for longer duration tasks, such as applying make-up, the arm support can be balanced close to the face or even be locked. That definitely saves energy!

Compact and attractive design
The suspension mechanism for the support arm of Gowing is in accordance with the principles of Focal. Gowing has, like other arm supports the Focal family, an extremely compact forearm scale that takes up virtually no space and does not interfere with the human arm and which fits well under all kinds of circumstances. The forearm scale is adjustable in two ways - an additional guarantee that the forearm fits very well in the scale. Additionally, Gowing is designed so that it takes up no additional space on a wheelchair, even if you move your arm far inwards. This aspect distinguishes Gowing greatly from many other arm supports. This way, you can always easily go through a doorway.


Choices are made concerning the Gowing of design and implementation in which the aid separates itself from other arm supports. There is a balance mechanism of an entirely new design available. The balance mechanism helps to move upwards and the users can therefore do much on their own. Besides, there is additional electronic power supply, The user can make choices via a simple keyboard in the degree of compensation, and the shape of the actuator. When moving upwards, are for functional purposes the positions of axes situated in such a way that the arm and hand can move smoothly to face and mouth. It may also be passed down considerably. If movements in the horizontal plane are to be made or combined movements, then the 'box' in which can be moved is very large. The movements feel flexible. But that's not all. Axes can be blocked in order to make certain operations easier. Think of the computer or driving an electric wheelchair. Gowing uses a newly developed, safe and fast locking mechanism. Here is standstill no deterioration...

Gowing is an arm support which lets the user adapt easily or quickly

  • the degree of compensation,
  • the shape of the support,
  • the axle locks,
  • the adjustable, balancing on a certain height, and
  • the operation angle

To this end Gowing has a compact keyboard that can be placed wherever you find it convenient. The slope corrector also further enables that the device, also with deviation from the basic attitude, can be optimally adjusted for various activities. The Stop function is a new safety feature.

Ergonomics played a major role in the design process. The operation is kept simple. Gowing is slim, also along the body, and has a comfortable arms splint. The arm support does not make the wheelchair wider, whatever the movements you make. Gowing has two ways of quick removal, and also the one that helps you quickly understand how to do this. That Gowing looks good is quite a nice bonus!

Various technical innovations make that the user can move naturally and functional.

Task Specific Support
The user can adjust the support that is needed in that moment. Some everyday actions need different weight compensation. And if varying objects are located in the hand or the weight of the garments is changed, the arm support has to adapt to this. In Gowing it is not necessary to allow another person to carry out adjustments. The user can adjust the compensation at any time. This is easily achieved by means of a small, clear keypad.

Hybrid weight compensation
Gowing has a completely redesigned balancing mechanism. This balancing mechanism provides assistance in the upward movement. In addition, there is electric provision present with which the arm can be lifted. Together, this represents a unique hybrid drive. The user can thus choose between:

  • Assisted move, wherein the degree of assistance is adjustable or
  • Moving the arm passively
  • Use the arm support on height and stabilize and let the forearm move through balance operation

Often it concerns assisted movements in a large part of the area in which the arm can be moved. Passive movement (the arm is lifted) is used when the user tries to perform the last part of the movement, such as towards the mouth, but cannot yield any more force.

Position Lock
Positions are being locked to facilitate certain activities. There are actions that require extra stability while the arm is supported anyway. Gowing has two position locks: one for the rotation, and one combined for the forward / backward and high / low motion. An example of the utility of the position lock that prevents the rotational movement is the application when riding in a bus. This prevents the arm to pivot away when the bus makes a lateral movement.

Another example of the utility of the combined position lock is the application making a phone call. Here, the arm is held in the same position for a long time. It is then great that the arm support blocks, so that a downward movement is prevented. The user can use the position lock to determine under what level the arm may not move, and the arm will not pivot away.

Arm balance
A lower stop point can be set to exclude downward movements below this point. The arm can still be moved upward and the lower arm can still balance, for example, to and from the face.

Slope corrector
In case of abnormal postures an arm support works less well. Gowing, however, has a slope corrector that works in forward / backward direction. The user can use the slope corrector to choose the best position for a successful operation. The function is realized in the base unit on which Gowing has been placed.

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For Gowing, downloadable documentation is available.
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