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Focal welcomes the Royal Couple at King's Day 2017

King’s Day traditionally is a big event in The Netherlands. This tradition goes back to 1885. Now King's Day 2017 gets a "royal" touch for users of technical aids. This year as part of the celebration the Royal Couple is doing Tilburg on April 27th. In the city, many preparations have been made to make an attractive, festive and for the whole of the Netherlands interesting program. Focal Meditech, located at Tilburg, takes part. This contributes to the public knowledge of good modern aids for handicapped persons.

King's Day 2017 begins in Tilburg with a musical reception of the Royal Couple. Nobody less than national celebrity Guus Meeuwis is part of this. The Royal Society then follows a route along 13 program sections or "Worlds”. Every world tells a piece of Tilburg's story. World 11 is titled 'Textile, Transport and Technology' three areas to which Tilburg excels. Here Focal as a medical technology company shows her products like dynamic arm supports and rehabilitation robotics. They are actually used by clients. In this way, we hope to contribute to showing the importance of modern, innovative tools. As every year, the NOS reports.


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