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Focal presents the world’s first robot technology based dynamic arm support!

ExoArm, a breakthrough in arm support technology

ExoArm is the world’s first available intelligent exoskeleton for the arm function of disabled persons. More than ten years of research have led to this breakthrough in arm support technology. By combining the latest robot technology with in-depth knowledge of disabled arm movement, Focal and its partners have devised a product able to serve the persons who are the most challenged in performing independent arm movements.

ExoArm is a dynamic arm support based on robotics technologies. It is attached to the user’s forearm and electric wheelchair. The wheelchair carries both the weight of the device and the user’s arm while supplying the energy needed to power the device. ExoArm is easy to use once the individual settings have been installed. ExoArm is intended for persons who are most challenged in performing essential Activities of Daily Living (ADL). This includes eating, drinking, facial care, computer use and numerous other activities. ExoArm is the most high-end arm support available on the market.

The ExoArm will for the first time be presented at the the fair Rehacare 2016 in Duesseldorf, Germany which takes place from September 28th until October 1st.

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