Augmentative and alternative communication


Focal Meditech is a well known manufacturer of innovative arm support systems, serving users in the Netherlands and in various international markets. In addition to this product line, Focal offers communication devices and environmental control systems in the Netherlands and Flanders. Both its innovative products and the expertise of its employees have earned Focal an enviable reputation as a supplier of choice, particularly where complex solutions are concerned.
In Focal’s view, communication devices should support users in the best possible way and should be reimbursable within the financial frame work of medical care in the Netherlands and Flanders. In addition, communication devices selected by Focal should offer increased functionality compared with other devices in the market place. Focal’s communication devices should represent a real alternative to other available options. Consistent with this view on communication devices , Focal’s portfolio comprises the products described below.

Focal currently offers the Nova Chat Line of communication devices by Saltillo Corporation and Accent Line of communication devices by Prentke Romich Company. Both types of communication devices are based on tablet technology, offering superior functionality, reliability and portability, complying with Focal’s criteria set out above.
Where the Nova Chat devices are geared predominantly to communication applications, Accent devices add environmental controls, computer access and mobile phone interoperability to its communication functionality.
Focal has developed both for the Nova Chat and the Accent Line various Dutch vocabulary applications, including a powerful word prediction, based on a large sample of spoken language, resulting in a vocabulary of 100,000 Dutch words in its prediction word list.


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