About Focal

Listening, creating, improving.

Technology for the benefit of independence and autonomy has a great importance. Such technology should help to provide feasible and affordable answers to complex care questions, which greatly increase because of aging Still, there are very few companies in Western Europe that manufacture very modern assistive devices that contribute to independent home living and functioning longer and better. Focal belongs to this select group of companies and even gained a leading position when it comes to support or replacement of the arm and hand function, body support and independent feeding.

One philosophy
To us, it does not matter if it concerns dynamic arm supports, care robotics, eating devices or another product: Focal always works from the same uniform approach when it comes to the development of products. Listening, creating, improving is our motto. This entails that the demand of our users stands fully central. We try to listen carefully to what those demands are. Thereafter, we start with our skilled and well-equipped development- and production departments. Getting an advanced assistive device on the market is a complex process. With our first products, we go back to the users and improve them on their instructions. We do not stop, until it is fully geared to their wishes.

The employees of Focal Meditech give their best effort to realize and deliver the best Assistive Technology products. Having dialogs and contact with our stakeholders and users is of great importance. Under mentioned, you will find our contact persons from different departments.

Paul Groenland

General Manager

Paul Groenland is our general manager and founder of Focal Meditech BV. Paul’s main responsibility is managing the company on main lines, in particular; strategy, policy, development and production.

Dick van der Pijl

Executive R&D

Dick van der Pijl’s main responsibility is the R&D policy, in particular: users- and usage related aspects of our assistive products. Dick supports our strategy development, leads the large projects, concentrates on laws and regulations and maintains contacts with knowledge institutions, policy makers and clients organizations.

Jan Burgers

Chief External Sales

Jan Burgers is consultant and Physiotherapist, but also acts as chief external sales. Jan’s rayon is mainly the northern part of the Netherlands. Additionally, Jan acts - based on his great experience domestically and abroad - where questions are concerning complex robot provision

Léon Adriaens

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Coordinator

Léon Adriaens is well experienced when it comes to communication devices for individuals with speech and/or language disorders. He provides advice on expert level and is also engaged in developmental activities.

Jasper Volbeda

Sales Advisor Environmental Control Systems

Jasper Volbeda is engaged with consulting and sales of modern tablet- and web based environmental control systems. For mobile use from the wheelchair as for building automations.

Thomas van Eil

Service coordinator

Thomas van Eil supervises the service of Focal Meditech. Thomas acts when a product is insufficient, looks at possible improvements in products and has a close cooperation with the field service technician so that disturbances can timely be resolved.

Jeroen Schilders

Coordinator Front Office

Jeroen Schilders leads the daily operations of the Front Office, which functions as the operational node of the business and the outside would. The company office is also responsible for the timely availability of our products.

There are currently no vacancies.


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