Research & Development

Focal Meditech BV is known as an independent developer and constructor of innovative technical aids for disabled persons. This concerns not only the technological aspects, but also research into the use and the user of these. High-quality research and development capacity is present, which is used within Focal Research. By the development and market introduction of numerous Focal brand and from elsewhere-manufactured products is a lot of knowledge and experience gained. We would like to use this ability for joint development, with the aim of a good concept to an excellent product.

Contract research is also a possibility.

Focal Research offers you the following advantages:

  • Large research experience within the medical technology
  • On innovation culture
  • Knowledge of market, user- and usability research
  • Excellent technical equipment
  • Knowledge of contemporary manufacturing processes
  • Experience in national and international collaborative projects

Cooperation in research

Users of devices must be able to take advantage of recent technological advances. Cooperation in research and development is therefore of great importance. Presently Focal cooperates with reknown knowledge partners such as:

  • Delft Technical University
  • Eindhoven Technical University
  • Twente Technical University
  • Maastricht University
  • Fontys University of Applied Science
  • Zuyd University of Applied Science
  • HKU University of Arts
  • Avans University of Applied Science
  • Radboud rehabilitation
  • National Aerospace Laboratory
  • Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
  • Danish Technology Institute (DTI)
  • Cleveland FES Center (

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