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Focal Meditech

Developer, manufacturer and distributor of contemporary aids for people with disabilities

Social Robot Paro

Paro is a social robot in the form of a young seal, focusing on communication and interaction.


Specials are created for users with unique needs that cannot find a ready made solution.

Eating & drinking

FOCAL Meditech BV specializes in the design, production and supply of high- end feeding devices.

Advanced Head Support Systems

Focal specializes in head supports for  persons with very challenging headsupport demands

Arm Supports

Dynamic arm supports assist persons with limited arm function to move their arms and hands.

Focal Meditech Social Robot Paro Specials Eating & drinking Advanced Head Support Systems Arm Supports
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Focal Meditech : Developer, manufacturer and distributor of contemporary aids for people with disabilities
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Welcome! Focal Meditech BV invites you to its world of really innovative Assistive Technology

Focal Meditech BV is an independent Dutch manufacturer, importer, exporter and supplier of high end assistive technology. The Focal line of products involves:

  • High-end body support systems
  • Assistive robotics
  • Feeding aids
  • Head supports for very challenged persons
  • Individual solutions and special controls
  • R&D for third parties


Body supports:
The body support systems either assist in manually performing activities of daily living or passively support body structures. Read more...

The systems that assist in performing manual tasks are various types of dynamic arm supports. Until a few years ago such dynamic arm supports were an almost undreamed of solution for persons with serious shoulder, arm or hand disorders. Focal has its own design and production facilities. See our Balancer, Victor, Top and Sling series!

Assistive Robotics:
Focal is importer and distributor for various European countries of robotarm Jaco. Read more...

Jaco is the most modern and easiest to operate personal robot for disabled persons. Jaco is leightweight, has great capacities and can due to the cooperation between manufacturer Kinova and Focal be equipped with various user interfaces and controls. Focal also is the proud manufacturer of Personal Robot Bridgit, a wheelchair mounted robot on a railsystem. Like Jaco, Bridgit is truly easy to use thanks to its intuitive interface.

Feeding aids:
Independent feeding and drinking is the tasks that many of our users perform the most frequently with our dynamic arm supports. Read more...

However, we also manufacture a range of dedicated feeding aids. They are either used by persons with weak muscle force (see Jamie) or by persons challenged by tremors or spasticity (see Nelson).

Head supports for very challenged persons:
For a number of years the company has been importing and supplying modular headrest systems in the Netherlands. Read more...

In the specialised area of head support a great deal of know- how has been gained. A line of additional Focal products that allow for better positioning of the head or head steering is available.

Individual solutions and special controls:
Focal also provides a wide range of other specialised products. Read more...

These products invariably involve complex mechanical or electro-mechanical aids, manufactured to suit individual needs. As from 2010, Focal has a division Special Controls which mainly aims at integrated control from the wheelchair for various tasks.

Research and Development:
Focal has its own R&D department.

State of the art equipment, experienced staff and participation in research networks allow for the constant development of new products. Focal also performs R&D for third parties or as a partner in international research projects. Contact us to discuss the advantages of outsourcing your R&D needs in the Assistive Technology field!

Import in the Netherlands:
  • Robotarm Jaco from Kinova (Canada)
  • Modular head support systems from Whitmyer Biomechanics (US). These products are tuned to persons with complex postural problems.
  • Mealtime support device MySpoon from Secom Co.Ltd. (Japan). This product provides a modern-day solution for persons that are unable to eat alone.

Export to various European and other countries (see dealerlist) :
  • Dynamic arm supports Focal.
  • Headrest adjustment mechanisms Focal
  • Mealtime support devices MySpoon and Focal
  • Robotarm Jaco from Kinova, Bridgit (Focal) including addional Focal user interfaces, controls and services


Nr. 6 among the 100 most innovative SME’s
in the Netherlands



Focal and ‘Darwing’ at Omroep Brabant

On Saturday February 22nd the regional broadcast company ‘Omroep Brabant’ showed a short documentary on Focal Meditech and its recent innovative dynamic arm support ‘Darwing’ (in Dutch). The philosophy behind the product and its development and production processes are highlighted. A user demonstrates the considerable added value of this Assistive Device in the performance of daily life activities.

Latest News

Focal en ‘Darwing’ bij Omroep Brabant

Op zaterdag 22 februari 2014 besteedde de Omroep Brabant in haar programma BV Brabant ruim aandacht aan Focal en haar recente armondersteuning ‘Darwing’. Het item geeft een mooie inblik in achtergronden bij het product en het ontwikkel- en fabricageproces. Een gebruiker demonstreert voorts de grote meerwaarde van dit hulpmiddel in zijn dagelijks leven.

24 Feb 2014

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